RT-PCR test: Effectiveness and its cost in Delhi

RT-PCR (Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) is one of the three running tests for detecting the presence of COVID-19 infection in the body. Most doctors, health experts and medical studies have suggested this test to be the best shot. Yes, no report or case study insinuates that RT-PCR is 100% accurate. Nonetheless, health experts are relying upon this one over the other tests to confirm the infection. So, if you take the rapid antigen test and the results show negative, but the symptoms are persistent, doctors may suggest taking the RT-PCR test.

RT-PCR Tests In Delhi: All You Need To Know

Well, there is no trick or buzz about this test that may refrain a patient from taking them. However, what may concern you is the RT PCR Test Cost in Delhi. The capital is pouring with Covid infected patients looking for testing labs and collection centres across the city. Finding slots at affordable prices can be a tough task. Thankfully, some clinics are offering the most reliable services without any chaos. You can also opt for the home collection service to avoid facing the crowd. Click here to book your slot at the nearest clinic or collection centre. Let us know more about the effectiveness and cost of these tests.

Effectiveness of RT-PCR Tests

The RT PCR Test Cost in Delhi and its effectiveness depends upon a few factors. In general, if you follow the reports, studies suggest that the RT-PCR is showing almost 725 accurate results for people with prominent symptoms of COVID-19. However, asymptomatic patients are getting 58% accuracy in the results. Here is how you can ensure the utmost accuracy of your RT-PCR test.

●     Test At The Right Time

The sooner you test, the stronger the effect of Covid infection in your body. The virus is highly active in the first week. So, if the fever lasts over three days or you observe any COVID-19 symptoms, take the RT-PCR test. If you select the best clinic, the RT PCR Test Cost in Delhi will be reasonable.

●     Choose A Reliable Source

Taking the test from any random clinic that is not accredited by the ICMR may misdirect you and your doctor. You must check the background of the testing lab you choose or the collection centre you go to!

●     Observe The Symptoms

If you are asymptomatic, spending money on rapid tests may cost you extra as you will need to repeat the testing procedure with the RT-PCR method. So, be wise with your decisions and consult a trustworthy doctor for the same.

RT PCR Test Cost in Delhi

The RT PCR Test Cost in Delhi differs from one clinic to another. On average, the test costs around INR 800-2400. If you go to any common government hospital, the test may not cost you much. However, the accuracy and service of this option are not likely to be the best. So, it is better to choose quality and opt for a reliable clinic.

Ways To Reduce Expenses On COVID-19 Tests

  • Take the test that matches your needs and conditions. If you are asymptomatic or getting any mixed signals, go for RT-PCR straight.
  • Do not take admission to a hospital unless the condition deteriorates beyond control in home isolation.

RT PCR Test Cost in Delhi is lower in the clinics offering tailored services in this field. You must make a wise selection to get yourself tested accurately. Remember, a one-time investment in quality services is better than small investments in quantity. And taking any chances or risk in this pandemic will not benefit you elsewhere! So, go for the best testing services in the city.