What Can I Do to Avoid Heat Damage from Blow-Drying?

You’re confident with your blow-drying techniques, but do you want to minimize heat damage? We have you covered!
It’s easy to get bored of your current hairstyle after you have perfected it. The truth is that the more you blow-dry hair, the more damage it causes.
There are ways to minimize the negative effects of blow-drying, but it is impossible to eliminate them completely. These steps will keep your hair as healthy as possible.
What causes heat loss? The heat can cause hair damage by placing pressure on the shafts of the hair, weakening the strands and causing them to fall apart. Even the most efficient tourmaline and ionic hairdryers still produce heat. Although hair damage can be minimized, it still happens.
Hairdryer use every day puts constant pressure on your hair shafts. This can cause frizzy, damaged hair and more likely to split ends. You can improve your hairdrying technique by using protectants and treatments, as well as using a more powerful hairdryer. Avoiding daily drying is the best way to prevent hair loss.

Which products are best to get the most from my blowout?

Product will make your blowout last longer. Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder and evo Mister Fantastic Blonout Spray are great for prepping hair for drying. Next, use the cool shot button to seal your cuticles and fix the style.

dry shampoo is your styling choice. This product gives you volume and less buildup than other products. To extend the life of your hair, we recommend using a light mist of hairspray such as Final Fix Hairspray. Spray should be held at least 30cm from the hair to ensure even distribution.

What can I do about my hair when it isn’t blow-dry?

You can find alternatives to heat your hair, no matter how often you shampoo your hair or how messy your hair looks on the days between.

Try up-dos! Braids look great on unwashed hair because you have more texture. An classic ponytail can be used to hide second-day hair. Unheated rollers can be used to give your hair a lift if you don’t like up-dos.
To detangle, reduce frizz and distribute natural oils, you can use a dry shampoo with a paddle brush. The versatile evopete ionic paddlebrush is a favorite, along with the evo water killer dry soap.
For fringes, here’s a tip: Wash only the hair that is most affected by oil and sweat. Dry shampoo can be used, but it is quick and easy to wash your fringe and touch up with your flatiron.
Although it might be tempting to do your hair every day, you will save your hair time and keep your hair looking great if you only do three to four times per week. Your hair will look healthier the less heat you use. Broken hair can be fixed with a good blow-dry.

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